Mauro a Moped & Me - Calonia Sant Jordi

February 10, 2018

So recently Mauro convinced me that our island lifestyle would be dramatically improved if we got a moped! We have been here for almost a year so it has taken him some time to bring me around to this ridiculous idea however, we´ve ditched the bicycles and taken to the Mallorcan roads.


Mauro has pretty much always had a moped so I do trust him, one of the few things I trust him with ha! but I have to be honest it hasn’t been too bad so far. It’s about 10km from our apartment in central Palma to work which takes 20 minutes on the local bus to the airport and a 15 minute walk from there to the office. And no, I haven’t cycled to work before and nor do I plan on it, ever.


The journey on the moped only takes 10 minutes which is great! We do have to go on the motorway which I wasn't excited about on our first journey, but I have since become used to it.

The high winds and crazy local drivers eventually disappear and instead the palm trees, sea views and blue skies steal my attention so I have become quite accustom to our new bike.


This weekend we took the moped for a longer journey to Colonia Sant Jordi, a beach resort on the south-east of the island celebrate Mauro’s birthday and our first year anniversary here in Mallorca. We had been warned by many locals that February is the coldest month and perhaps we should have paid more attention to this because the ride was bloody freezing!! 


It took approximately 45 minutes from Palma and we have now agreed that journeys more than half an hour long should only take place in the warmer months. That being said, the views on arrival really were beautiful even in the colder weather.


We spent the night at the 4* beach front Universal Hotel Marques and the view from our hotel room was simply stunning! I really couldn't believe how clear the water still was in winter. We warmed up and had lunch in the hotel bar, enjoying the views across the terrace. The clouds cleared by about 4pm so we took a stroll along the beach.


Before dinner we walked in the opposite direction towards other hotels, the beaches are rocky here but the water just as clear and I am sure very beautiful in the summer. At this time of year most of the hotels are closed but you can tell that even in the hight of the summer it is a quieter tourist spot in comparison to those we have been to so far. 

I must say that the highlight of our stay was the sunset! There's no better way to end the day than with these incredible pink skies across the sea.


The moped has already given us more freedom to explore this beautiful island and we can't wait to experience more mini adventures especially as the weather gets warmer.


Thanks for reading! :)

 Keoni & Mauro x




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