About Us

What Is Sabor?

What do we do?

We run a tour operator specialising in dance holidays and retreats.

How are we different?

We arrange holidays rather than congresses or festivals, and this means that we offer packages including accommodation, food and a fun-filled schedule of dancing and activities. 

Why did we call our company SABOR?

Once we decided on the beautiful island of Mallorca as our destination and developed ideas for a dance holiday, we felt the Spanish word for flavour, (Sabor) was the perfect name for the company. We aim to offer you a full menu of dance flavours to savour on your Sabor holiday!

What Sabor means to us:

We love to dance, enjoy meeting up with old friends and of course making new ones. We hope Sabor will enable us to share our passion with you, and yours with us!

About Our Beginnings

Mauro began dancing at the age of 24 when he moved from his home town of Milan to London, and I started salsa lessons when I was 16 after being dragged to our local club by my Mum, I fell in love instantly.
After frequent trips to visit a friend on the island, we were stunned by its beautiful beaches, long summers, wonderful places to explore and great salsa clubs, we couldn’t think of a better place to share our passion and organise our new dance holidays.
Nothing makes us happier than being able to create a fun and friendly environment for our guests to enjoy their dance-filled holiday. Ensuring you feel included as part of the group is a priority for our team and us, whether that’s on one of our big holidays with up to 300 people or our smaller more intimate holidays with a maximum of 40 guests.

Hear from happy guests

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We understand how important your holiday is to you!

Not everyone can enjoy frequent holidays each year, so we understand how important your holiday is to you. For some people deciding to go on a dance holiday can be a big deal, and many of you will have questions, for example:

  • Can I travel alone? 
  • Will everyone already know each other? 
  • Can beginners book? 
  • Do we get time to relax?

We promise to do our very best in ensuring you have a fantastic time with us.

We run a full schedule of dance workshops offering plenty of styles for you to get involved in, whether you’re an advanced or a beginner dancer.

About Our Teachers

Our teachers are not only talented, but they’re friendly and approachable. Some team members are available 24 hours should you require any assistance. 

Ultimately, we feel good when you feel good, and there is no better feeling for us than seeing all our guests’ happy, sun-kissed faces at the end of the holiday wishing they could stay with us for just a bit longer. 

We love this island, but we love it, even more, when we get to share it with you!

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