About us

What do we do?

We run a tour operator specialising in dance holidays and retreats.

How are we different?

We arrange holidays rather than congresses or festivals, and this means that we offer packages including accommodation, food and a fun-filled schedule of dancing and activities. 

Why did we call our company SABOR?

Once we decided on the beautiful island of Mallorca as our destination and developed ideas for a dance holiday, we felt the Spanish word for flavour, (Sabor) was the perfect name for the company. We aim to offer you a full menu of dance flavours to savour on your Sabor holiday!

What Sabor means to us:

We love to dance, enjoy meeting up with old friends and of course making new ones. We hope Sabor will enable us to share our passion with you, and yours with us!

About Our Teachers

Our teachers are not only talented, but they’re friendly and approachable. Some team members are available 24 hours should you require any assistance. 

Ready to book your next Holiday?

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